Dean Li Xun at Switzerland: Being invited as an Affiliated Member of the International ERAS Society

date:2019/10/23 16:24:41 hot:166

Recently, Dean Li Xun, Vice President Wang Wenji and other experts of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University were invited to visit the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) in Switzerland for academic exchanges and discussions.


The academic exchange was mainly themed as how to better implement ERAS with the support of the International ERAS Society and the University Hospital of Lausanne. The experts team from CHUV, including Chairman of the International ERAS Society Advancement Committee and Director of General Surgery-Professor Nicolas Demartines, Associate Dean and expertise in Medical Quality Control-Professor Anne-Claude Griesser, Director of Anesthesia Department Dr. Dre Catherine Blanc as well as the General Coordinator of ERAS Project Implementation Ms. Valérie Addor have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with experts team of our hospital on various topics centered with ERAS, such as how to set up ERAS implementation strategy, ERAS implementation and medical quality improvement and process management, responsibilities of anesthesiologists and their role in ERAS implementation, MDT team establishment and so on.


During the visit, in view of the efforts and contributions made by Li Xun in implementing and promoting ERAS and on behalf of the International ERAS Society, Nicolas Demartines invited Professor Li Xun as an Affiliated  Member of the Society, and he was also the first affiliated member in China. Meanwhile, Professor Li Xun was appointed as a Guest Professor of the University Hospital of Lausanne in Switzerland due to his outstanding contribution to the disease diagnosis and treatment as well as hospital management and ERAS promotion.

By Lin Juanzhen/Liu Yatao

Edited by Office of International Cooperation and Communication